For over 30 years, we’ve been providing long-term Australian solutions to combat erosion challenges. Trust our proven results for your projects. For example, we installed an interlocking concrete block system for the Coomera River project. This system was primarily chosen for the job because it protects the riverbank from erosion caused by wave action. 

Built to Last 

Queensland isn’t a place for quick fixes. The state’s relentless weather cycles, shifting soils and dynamic coastal forces expose the weaknesses of imported or untested erosion control products. Investing in solutions forged right here means your infrastructure is built to last. 

Safeguarding Your Project, Protecting Your Bottom Line 

Experience You Can Count On: We don’t just theorise; we have analysed the past 30 years of real-world erosion mitigation. Our products and strategies reflect the hard-won lessons unique to Australia’s complex environment. 

Rigorously Tested, Relentlessly Refined: Durahold and Terrafix aren’t based on guesswork. They’re designed, tested and continuously improved to overcome the specific stressors Queensland throws at them – from torrential rain events to shifting coastal sands. 

Partners in Planning: Our team offers personalised consultations. We’ll factor in site analysis, local regulations and your project’s long-term goals to ensure you get the optimal erosion control system for lasting success. 

Commercial Retaining Walls and Other Solutions for Queensland 

Durahold Retaining Wall Blocks: Tackle the state’s diverse terrain with confidence. Durahold’s strength, rapid installation (up to 200m2 per day, 3-4 man crew) and adaptability ensure it performs equally well protecting commercial developments, stabilising slopes and safeguarding the coastline. 

Terrafix Interlocking Blocks: Outmanoeuvre traditional solutions with Terrafix’s superior flexibility. This system handles slopes, channels, bridge abutments and more with interlocking strength and adaptability, providing long-term stability in even the most challenging locations. 

Why Choose Experience? 

Proven Performance = Project Peace of Mind: Don’t leave your project’s future to chance. Erosion Control systems protect you from costly repairs and liability stemming from faulty erosion control. 

Streamlined Success: Rapid installation saves you time and labour costs, keeping projects on schedule and within budget – crucial in this dynamic market. 

Supporting the Area’s Growth: We’re a privately-owned Australian company deeply invested in the state’s success. Choosing us means reinvesting in local expertise and ensuring continued innovation for future challenges. 

We are all in this for the long term. Contact us today and together let us overcome the erosion challenges and protect Queensland’s man-made and natural assets.